Goals of the ROSAmerica Professional Development Series

  • To inspire teachers to present multiple perspectives of the diverse populations that reflect our society
  • To enable and support teachers as they create their own culturally responsive lesson plans, appropriate to students’ grade levels, abilities and development
  • To create a community of education advocates who are passionate about bringing the multi-cultural perspective to their classrooms and sharing it with their colleagues

Elements of the ROSAmerica Syllabus

  • Arizona Anchor Standards in Social Studies and English Language Arts have been considered in the development of this series, to ensure the applicability, compliance and value of the materials presented in this program.
  • Teachers participate in 9-12-hour series to engage with expert educators, documentarians and museum presenters, plus materials made available from online primary sources.
  • Curators from national and/or local museums and educational experts present primary sources and artifacts, contributions and innovations from multiple cultures and offer ways to infuse new materials in their classrooms.
  • In preparation for challenging students to hone their media literacy skills, teachers learn to guide students to investigate the texts they encounter.
  • Educators develop creative ways to build lesson plans that meet their students’ developmental needs and abilities.
  • Series sessions include expert facilitation with participants, small group meetings, reading assignments plus journaling and other creative homework.
  • A panel of teachers present successful culturally responsive lessons as well as challenges and how they overcame them. Examples of student responses to such lessons are also included in the presentation.
  • In tracking efficacy, ROSAmerica conducts multiple surveys during the series, with a focus group established after the series as teachers are implementing the program in their classrooms.