Here’s what teachers had to say about the ROSAmerica Professional Development Series:

“I consider the African American perspective when I am lesson planning.”

“I appreciated many of the teaching strategies that were attached to different sections of the Pulitzer Center. Also there were a lot of the different tools provided by the Pulitzer Center. Of course these would be adjusted slightly to help my younger students be introduced to the topic.”

“The images are great for kindergarten to spark discussions, journaling, writing, etc.”

“This professional development series has inspired me to bring even more to the classroom … This stuff is not in our “curriculum” and as a new teacher it can be nerve wracking to move from the curriculum but I feel like it is so important to bring these issues and topics and awareness of it into the classroom and I really can make it align with standards and curricula …”

“I am more willing to bring up topics of racial injustices, slavery, discrimination, etc. in my class and unpack these issues with my students.”

“I have a critical role in shaping history: I can acknowledge my ignorance and support myself and my students’ growth as agents of change. Or I can keep my head down and teach what I was taught [or what the] curriculum tells me to teach. This PD has provided me with enough evidence and insight to make the latter choice an impossible one to make if I want to stake my claim as a culturally relevant educator.”

“I have (continued) to be aware of the biases in materials; it has also renewed my energy to seek out materials that enrich my growth and provide the same for students.”